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Did Your Client Even Try?

20130802-183210.jpgAs a freelancer embracing opportunities and leads like a private investigator-I’ve come across some very interesting circumstances. These situations have become synonymous with most clients and situations which led me to write this piece.

When deciding to take on a project whether its paid or not I’ve understood in the last few years that if the client is looking for: a) money b)fame c)endorsement with any of the work you will be doing for them, you are most definitely headed for disaster! Rather than any one of those three driving forces, a client looking to understand what the social media machine means to their business and to themselves as owner/CEO of the business is a key component to my willingness to work with them.

The progress the client/potential client has made since they’ve embraced any form of media-whether it’s a website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. will translate into how fruitful or complicated the undertaking of the assignment will be.

Clients/partners/collaborators can fall into a few categories:
Client 1: has no idea what social media is but needs help and is open to listen and learn
Client 2: has no idea what ‘new age’ promotion is and unwilling to listen/learn or relinquish control over to you
Client 3: has an idea about social media but doesn’t understand how it can grow a business (but uses it personally-sometimes a little too personally)
Client 4: making very little effort and wants to hand everything over to you to take over (ideal but comes at a cost-financially and brand marketing wise)
Client 5: has an idea what SM is/does but doesn’t use it for business and wants their work/brand/company to speak for itself (possibly living in a bubble or under a rock)

I am not pointing this breakdown at anyone in particular but I’m sure anyone working in the event promotion, marketing, public relations or social media industries would understand the path I’m trying to follow with this article.

If your client does not know how they can highlight their business, service, art, image, brand to the public-no amount of assistance from the best team will help.

So far I’ve found that the clients I prefer to work with and the ones with the most successes or growth besides making money are the ones who’ve tried and (need an extra hand), or those who are starting social media or promotion from the ground up. On the other hand existing brands making transitions from the old style to the ‘new school’ are at a major advantage to grow their reach and influence by tweaking their message.

Brands or entities with a huge fan base or stellar image or body of work can and do grow their businesses in areas they had never imagined possible.

I promise you that anyone seeing your vision as an artist, musician, business, brand will want to do what’s best to see you succeed.

Remember, your work is as good as your client’s efforts! Visit us over at @urbcomgrp_pr for tips and tricks!


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Finishing internships is like so last year!

It’s been way too long…..after 2 months of early mornings, I’m proud to say that I love PR! I completed my internship on December 29,2009! It was an amazing way to finish off the year and I’m eager to find opportunities that are custom fit. I worked in the consumer care/beauty “department” and loved it! I found myself getting very focused at times. I enjoyed the tedious preparation before an event. The prep helped me see the bigger picture and anticipate the level of dedication required. Some of the skills I acquired were:
Media coverage tracking – I had to learn over time that having coverage trackers ready for client consumption was key.

Pitching – Phone & media pitching. I gree confidence in this area. Part of being able to develop stronger pitching was my ability to hear/feel the media contacts response to the pitch.

Active writing – Writing actively meant being concise,focused and developing for the audience. Having a clear writing objective for industry websites vs. electronic pitches for industry media equals very different

Keeping track of media impressions – This had to be a science of sorts : ) Running in EVERY morning with commuter papers and publications anticipating media coverage for the client, had me feeling very in tune with the beauty industry.

Media list building – This was so challenging. A proper media list gives you a chance to clearly redefine your client’s objectives. By aiming to the correct media outlet, I found that the media contacts were open-minded about covering the topic in their publication or running a product review in their blog or even better: attending the event planned by my firm!

The list of skills I acquired was enough to make me feel that I chose the right industry and that I will consider starting a business……….

Until then, I’m trying to “build relationships” with people and organizations that I can benefit from and can also benefit from me.